Suretyx CSLB E-Filing System


California Contractor State License Board E-Filing

You can Schedule E-Filing for all CSLB supported bond types. Currently CSLB supports the following bond types:

  1. Contractor License Bond
  2. Bond of Qualifying Individual
  3. LLC Employee/Worker Bond

Suretyx Efiling supports the following transaction types:

  1. New Bonds Issuance E-Filing
  2. Reinstatements E-Filing
  3. Cancellation E-Filing

Once you login, all CSLB rules and regulations are listed inside Suretyx E-Filing CSLB Manual.

Tasks Management

Suretyx E-Filing system features a full task management system.


Suretyx E-Filing Discussions are focused chat rooms created temporarily to resolve any issues you might face with day to day work flows.

You can invite different users to be involved in the discussion and share documents related to the topic you are discussing.

Suretyx Messenger

Instant Messaging system between you, your company users, your retail brokers, and wholesalers.  Suretyx Messenger allows you to share documents directly with your peers.

Department Management

You can create your organization structure and manage your different departments and assign them to your different business locations.

Internal Requests

Internal requests works side by side with your departments, you can create internal request forms and track the status of the request between departments.


Example: you can create client Refund request from you accounting department that must be approved and processed by the department, or the department manager. Once the request is processed the user completed the request can close the request, and you keep all request history between your employees for documentation and later reference.